Tango events

EXPERIENCE TANGO TO THE CORE! Tango is a dance art with many aspects. It's about agility, mindfulness, play, coordination and improvisation. While dancing leaders and followers come together in a unique movement conversation with the music. The Kunstmühle offers a generic podium. Tango teachers come from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Argentina.

ART AND GAME! In musicality and expression, tango movements show different styles and techniques, communication and connection, structure and improvisation, Dynamic Embrace and Embracing Dynamics

TANGO IN THE KUNSTMÜHLE!  Most tango events include EVERYTHING that is good for you. Dancing, classes, accommodation, good food, familiar and new faces, and a familiar feeling of community.

Oncoming Tango events are listet under Next events. angekündgt.

REGISTRATIONS take place through the respective organizer who rents the entire Kunstmühle for his/her tango event. Accommodation requests are either booked directly by him/her or will be forwarded by the Kunstmühle to the respective organizer.

Request for organisers and event managers