Der Ort | The location

The Kunstmühle lies in the geographic heart of Germany on the "Romanesque Street", close to the pilgrimage  "Via Romea"  in the 1000 years old village Veckenstedt, which is known that everyone, even a "stranger" is welcomed in the place.

Cake and coffee in the afternoon is a daily cultivated Veckenstedter custom.

That's why the bakery  at the Black Deer to a popular feel-good meeting point in the village for early risers with Kaffeedurst developed. Delightful shopping in the Veckenstedter Landmark with own Post office makes fun, there is always something to discover ...

In the fields direction Landschulheim Grove mill and Stapelburg you can go well with fresh fish in the Fish farming or at Landi, known for its rich selection of game meat, poultry and 2000 geese in free range.

In direct neighborhood the art mill, the village center (1.Foto), are the lovingly furnished Local History Museum (Open every saturday), Church, and registry office with enough parking space.

On the way back by pedes one reaches over the Thie, a particularly picturesque and peaceful district with old lease fruit trees, cottage gardens, meadow, paddocks, horses and sheep along the stream back to the village back., biking or jogging in the neighboring village water life in the summer popular by the immersion "On Ilsestrand" , Located in the forest outdoor pool from neighboring water of life offers an unbeatable experience. 

Impressionen | Impressions