Encounter with people and art

The Kunstmühle is like a Schaulager where paintings and art objects by Edda Grossman can be seen in every room. It is ideally suited as a conference center for cultural events, dance events, weddings, family celebrations, seminars, workshops and concerts. 

Main hall of the Kunstmühle The hall offers furniture an oak wood floor for maximal 120 persons. Around the main hall various other rooms are grouped, that can be rented individually or in combination, depending on the occasion and time of year.          

Carriage Room: From April 1st to Oktober 1st the old carriage room is available.  

Community kichen Behind the bar / buffet, the main hall has a fully equipped kitchen and a breakfast room    

Workshop hall (1st floor) in the workshop hall various courses are offered such as painting, photography, dancing, yoga or mindfulness. The capacity is 20 to 40 people.