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Wedding House


A Wedding house in the original sense accommodates the familiar family circle of the bride and groom and the invited large and small guests. Joint preparations on the previous days need time, quietness and enough space to realize your own and unique wedding ideas that children, parents and grandparents want to be involved in. The Veckenstedter Church and the registry office with easy parking facilities are in the immediate vicinity.


A bridal bouquet instead of ornament, it can become a symbolic expression of everlasting love. Traditionally, it is thrown to unmarried women, though the bride may prefer to keep and dry it. It is important to give thought to the importance of flowers. In the art mill the desire of a painted second bouquet with the painter Edda Grossman can be discussed and commissioned.


Recommendations for the organization of your wedding:

Here we suggest a ritual for a mindfull marriage notice. wird hier mit Andacht zelebriert:

.... You have told me that you have come to a firm agreement that you will not enter into this marriage for security reasons ... 

... that the only true security is neither to regard someone as property or possession, nor to regard each other as property or property ... 

... not in asking or waiting, not even hoping that the other will provide you with what you think you need in life ... 

...but rather in the knowledge that everything you need in life ... all love, all wisdom, all insight, all power, all knowledge, all understanding, all care, all compassion and all power already exists ... in your interior. existiert…

...and that you do not marry each other in the hope that these things will happen to get, but hoping to receive these gifts too give, so that they are available to the other in even greater abundance.

Bridal suite:
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