Art workshop "Täubchengefieder" on 30.12.2018, 16-18.00h

P1190034-300-1Art workshop with Edda Grossman


The movement of the pigeon plumage is worth watching, it reminds of a fan or a bandoneon. On lively Veckenstedter Brieftäubchen in the studio will inspire us to bring feathered poetry or concrete feathers to the paper. I want you again with the almost forgotten painting technique  egg tempera let the experiment be experimented: The course is open to anyone who would like to send a painted song into the New Year for 2 hours or to discover the symbol of their own soul fan.

The course is suitable for all ages and temperaments.

Materials are available, may be brought along.

2 hours / € 30, - / person incl. Material

Registration:  or by phone at Edda Grossman 4939451 63076