Aktivitäten | Activities

Find distributed throughout the year Tango Events instead, where Tango-Argentino is taught and danced intensely for several days.

 Tango nomads from all over Germany and neighboring countries travel to Veckenstedt, as the peaceful and affable Tangueros / as call themselves.

Next meetings:

PartoutangoSilvester from 28.12. - 01.01.2018 / 19, Taboe 2 Be with Paras Saghi + Paul Vossen / NL from 18. - 22.04.2019, Tango VeckenstedtWhit Campo from 06.-10.06.2019 organized by Natalia Agüero & Águstin / BsAs Venturino

The Tango Milonga Vals-práctica finds everyone  Thursday  from 20.00-21.30h instead of. For current information please call: 039451 63076

Seminar weekends for drawing, painting, dancing or other can be combined to individual occasions get organized.

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